Canning ideas and recipes are perfect for your harvested fruit and veggies. It will allow you to store your harvested produce longer. Before you start canning food, you must first prepare the mason jars that you will be using for your produce. Also, make sure all your canning equipment is ready before you get started. Here’s a list of quick easy canning recipes you should definitely try.


26 Canning Ideas and Recipes to Spice Up Your Homestead
1. DIY Fig Jam

Are you addicted to figs and can’t get enough of it? Get more fig even after its season and never run out of supply. Grab the jam recipe here.

2. Homemade Apple Butter

Enjoy apple butter anytime you want by making your own batch. If you have kids, for sure they will love this. See how you can make it here.


3. DIY Lemon Sage Mustard

Why buy store-mustard when you can make your own and can it? You’re also sure that all  ingredients are natural and no preservatives are added. If you aim for healthy living, this is one of the canning ideas and recipes you must try. Check out the recipe here.

4. Homemade Jalapeno Salsa

Make everyday a party by making your very own homemade salsa among the salsa canning recipes. Your movie nights either with your family or alone will be exciting with chips and this salsa on the side. Get the recipe here.


5. How to Can Dill Pickles

Pickles anyone? If it’s your first time canning recipes for vegetables, try this one. It’s super easy. Now, you’ll have a surplus of pickles to munch on especially if you’re a pickle lover. See the recipe here.


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6. Canned Pizza Sauce

Making homemade pizzas is so much fun. You get to pick whatever toppings you want. It’s even better when you make this pizza sauce that you can use all year-round. See how here.

7. DIY Canned Zucchini

Try canning zucchini with other vegetables and for sure you’ll love it. This will be the perfect pair for your sandwiches and have that healthy snack all the time. Check it out here.


8. Delicious Homemade Blueberry Sauce

Love pancakes? Just imagine having homemade blueberry sauce with it every morning. How about drizzling your vanilla ice cream with this? Glorious! You can check out the recipe here.

9. Grilled Peach Jam in a Can

Got toast? Then you need to make this. Here’s another one to add to your jam collection aside from the usual peanut butter and bread combo. Check it out here.


10. Canned Crushed Tomatoes

Here’s an easy way to have tomatoes ready anytime you need them by simply canning tomatoes. From tomato-based pasta to minestrone, you’re canned crushed tomatoes will help you whip the dish up in no time. See how to can it here.


11. DIY Healthy Tomato Paste

In case you’re not into crushed tomatoes, how about a homemade tomato paste? You’ll have this tomato paste ready for all your tomato-based dishes. Get the recipe here.

12. DIY Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Make this and for sure you won’t buy the commercial counterpart ever again. Check it out here. Now, you can spice up your crepe and desserts with this delectable cranberry sauce that will surely tease your palate.


13. DIY Damn Good Strawberry Jam

Get the recipe for a strawberry jam that will have you craving more. The strawberry jam never fails to make it to the all-time favorites when it comes to sandwiches. Your pancakes will love it too.


14. Home Canned Vegetable Beef Soup

Love soup? You’ll have a fresh bowl of vegetable beef soup ready all the time with this recipe. Just reheat them before serving and you can say goodbye to long cooking hours.

15. How To Can Dilly Beans

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite better than a good pickle. Check out pickling recipes such as this one and see how you can make it. You may use this as a side dish to your steak or grilled meat.


16. DIY Pickled Beets

These beets get better with age. So, start prepping and they’ll be ready to eat in two weeks. Get the recipe here. You can also spice up your salads and side dishes with these.


17. Amazing Canned Watermelon Butter

Have you ever heard of watermelon butter? If not yet, you can see how to make it here. Your breakfast won’t be dull anymore having this magnificent recipe to try.

18. Chocolate Blackberry Jam in a Can

Blackberries and chocolate? That’s the dream! You can get the recipe here. Make that perfect sandwich your kids will never get enough. But nothing to worry, you have a whole lot of them stored up.

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19. Canned Homemade Pesto

Why just preserve herbs when you can turn them into a delicious pesto for your pasta and bread? Top it off with Parmesan cheese and your Italian cuisine cravings will surely be satisfied.  You can check out the recipe here.


20. Canned Mandarin Orange

If you can’t get enough citrus, buy a bunch and preserve them. See how to do it here. They’re also lovely to display on your cupboards and kitchen shelves. Now you not only have an enormous supply of preserved citrus but an instant kitchen decor, too, with food in jars.

21. Canning Beans

If you want to know how to can beans, this DIY tutorial will help you out. Now you’ll never run out of beans to add to your pork and beans.


22. How to Make Coffee Jelly

Coffee drinkers celebrate, here’s a coffee jelly recipe you can make and preserve. This is also your perfect pair when you whip up that creamy dessert.

23. DIY Ginger Pickled Carrots

Have you harvested so much of those carrots you don’t know where to use the rest? Try this canning recipe you’ll surely like and never waste a single of your harvest. You can check it out here.


24. Canning Chickpeas

Try it and you’ll definitely agree this version packs so much more flavor than store-bought. See it here. You can use this perfectly for soups and stews for that added flavor and texture.

25. Make Pickled Cherries

Warning: There’s a possibility you won’t be able to stop munching from the jar. See how you can make it here. You can also top your baked cakes with these cherries, all perfectly homemade.


26. Canned Lemons

Love lemon with your tea? Then start canning and preserving them by following this step-by-step tutorial. You now have lemon readily available any time you want to have that zest in your drink.

Canning Jars 101

Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you pick the best canning jar for the job. Read more here.


If you need more tips on canning food preservation, here’s a beginner’s guide to water bath canning:


If you have no canning machine, you can also try canning with a pressure cooker:

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For more canning ideas and recipes, you can watch this video tutorial from katzcradul and find out how to can cheese:


This infographic sums up the canning process via

How to Pickle anything | Canning Ideas And Recipes For The Homestead | HomesteadingHow to Pickle Anything Like a Pro by


Learning all about canning ideas and recipes is a great way to preserve food and have them ready anytime you need them. Keep in mind, though, not all fruits and vegetables grow all the time. So it’s good to have some canning ideas and recipes ready when you’re craving something out of season. Take a survey of your garden and think of what to can and which one you’re canning and cooking first!

Which among the list of canning ideas and recipes would you like to try first? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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