Whether it’’ s an everyday-carry pocket light, a fixed work light, or a totally included flashlight for searching and fishing, Ledlenser makes an item to fulfill your requirements.

A field-worthy flashlight is one that can quickly change from highlighting the path ahead to a strong, focused beam for finding the next cairn. Once you’re sure what you saw in the woods was simply an odd-shaped tree, or possibly you’ll sleep much better.

Ledlenser lights have high-intensity LED beams, metal cases, and ergonomically created functions. Like knives and other outside fundamentals, you can discover more affordable options. Inexpensive alternatives typically aren’’ t developed with durability in mind.

.Flashlights, Headlamps, Lanterns, and More.

These 9 items exhibit the variety of lighting alternatives made by Ledlenser. And yes, the complete line runs deep.

MH11 Performance Headlamp : $160.

The flagship (and brightest) of Ledlenser’s headlamps, the MH11 was developed to run 100 hours at 10 lumens, or switch to Boost mode to illuminate environments at 1,000 lumens.

The buddy Ledlenser Connect App lets you change the light and produce to individualized settings within that variety. In addition, there’s an RGB front light, a battery status sign, and a magnetic charging cable television.

We discussed its very popular predecessor, the MH10, here .

See the MH11 Performance Headlamp

K4R Keyring Flashlight : $25.

Its slim aluminum case houses an LED that Ledlenser declares produces as much as 60 lumens in a broad selection. Smaller sized than many vehicle crucial fobs, the light clips onto secrets or bags with a metal snap hook and is rechargeable through USB.

See the K4R Keyring Flashlight

.Torches (aka Flashlights). T2QC Flashlight : $40.

A pocket-friendly flashlight for searching, outdoor camping, or fishing, this “Quatro Color” torch can toggle in between white, red, green, and blue for tracking and observing video game.

See the T2QC Flashlight

P7R Flashlight : $90.

One of Ledlener’s best-sellers, the P7R showcases 3 power modes. The brand name promotes its capability to produce approximately 1,000 lumens at 688 feet or be denied to serve as a floodlight. And the P7R utilizes a ““ drifting ” magnetic charging station (it does not clip or plug in) created for quick-grab usage.

See the P7R Flashlight

EX7 Safe Flashlight : $88.

From the Intrinsically Safe line, the EX7 is created for usage in almost any environment (Ex-Zone 0/20). The light’s extra-large case shape and big magnetic switch goal to assist in much easier handling and operation while using security devices.

See the EX7 Safe Flashlight

MT14 Flashlight : $100.

According to Ledlenser, the MT14 consists of numerous innovations, like an adjustable ray that transitions from ambient floodlight to focused, long-distance beam. In all, it has 4 light functions for various outside circumstances.

One more function the brand name promotes is a battery status indication on the switch that works as a noticeable tip of when it’s time to charge through its USB 3.0 port.

See the MT14 Flashlight

.Lanterns and Area Lights. iF8R Area Light : $280.

The iF8R intends to supply an option for illuminating a range of areas. Ledlenser assures an intense, constant beam approximately 4,500 lumens that can be managed from a smart phone while standing in the workspace. The concept is to minimize the variety of journeys up and down a ladder.

Ledlenser developed the iF8R with a cooling system to keep it running for hours without overheating. The iF8R’s adjustable base has an integrated magnet for attaching it to metal surface areas and supplying adjustability to angle the light so.

See the iF8R Area Light

ML6 Lantern : $ 80. The Ledlenser ML6 camp light can likewise be utilized to charge devices through a USB port.

Designed to provide glare-free LED to illuminate a camping area with 750 lumens, the ML6 Lantern has an extra-large manage shape for bring by hand or hanging from extra-large branches. The ML6 likewise functions as a power bank to charge other electronic devices (by means of micro-USB).

See the ML6 Lantern

ML4 Mini-Lantern : $50.

The ML4 is a 2.5-ounce lantern constructed to suit a palm. The brand name declares its most current micro-prism innovation is effective enough to offer glare-free illuminate to 300 lumens. And it accomplishes that with simply 9 LEDs.

Campers, bear in mind: It determines less than 4 inches, features a red-light lens, and can operate on AA batteries in between charges.

See the ML4 Mini-Lantern

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