Located 250km inside the Arctic Circle, towns do not truly come a lot more remote than Abisko in Sweden. If you’re after an appropriate Lapland experience, one that’ll take you far from life in the huge city, a check out to this small town (population: 85) and its legendary surrounding location is an outright must.

.How To Get There.

If you wish to fly, you’re going to require to get a linking flight to Kiruna Airport from Stockholm or Gothenburg ( SAS and Norwegian Airlines can hook you up on this front). From there you can schedule an airport transfer with Lights Over Lapland or, additionally, get the general public bus from the airport to Abisko (number 91). A word of cautioning re: the bus choice, it has an altering schedule and does not constantly run for the totality of the northern lights season.

Alternatively, get a taxi from Kiruna Airport to Kiruna Train Station and after that a train to either Abisko Turistation or Abisko ÖÖstra. For more on the train times, head here .

Speaking of trains, another fantastic choice is to get one to Abisko all the method from Stockholm. It takes 17 hours however if you get the over night one, the time will zip. Plus, the views out of the train window will actually put your everyday commute from Croydon in the shade.

Pictured: Lapporten. Image: Mats Lindberg

.Why Go.

Situated simply 4km from the amazing Abisko National Park, this is a vital location for individuals who live for the outdoors. Whether you’re here in summer season or winter season, Lake Torneträsk (Sweden’s 6th biggest lake) is a genuine reward for the eyes. Throughout winter season, when the lake freezes over, it’s in some cases even possible to go out onto it and see the Northern Lights (aka the Aurora Borealis) while basing on it. It goes without stating that you’ll wish to bring your electronic camera on this journey.

Speaking of photography chances, Lapporten, the U-shaped valley that appears like a huge natural halfpipe for the Gods, shows up from Abisko and sure to be a winner on the Instagram likes front.

” Lapporten, the U-shaped valley that appears like a huge natural halfpipe for the Gods, shows up from Abisko”

The Abisko National Park is popular for its cross-country snowboarding and snowshoeing chances, while Mount Nuolja and close-by Björkliden offer lots of backcountry snowboarding and freeriding chances.

One of the most significant pulls to Abisko is the 425km-long Kungsleden treking path. Depending upon which method you’re going, the path, which runs along the Scandinavian range of mountains, ends or begins at the Abisko Turistation – – which includes a train station and the Abisko Youth Hostel.

To experience the Kungsleden treking path with an outdoorsy group of similar people, followed by the mom of all celebrations at the goal, why not register to the Swedish edition of the Fjallraven Classic ? It’s on in August and is absolutely one for the old pail list. Camping and treking in Sweden’s remote wilderness is an experience you’ll always remember.

Photo: David Becker

Briefly discussed this currently however Abisko’s position up until now north of the Arctic Circle makes it a terrific location to see the Aurora Borealis. The location’s long dark winter seasons, and absence of built-up civilisation, indicates light contamination isn’t truly a problem here and your opportunities of seeing the phenomenon are greater than in numerous other locations. The Aurora Sky Station , up on Mount Nuolja, is unquestionably among the very best put on earth to experience the northern lights.

Abisko’s geographical area likewise indicates it’s an excellent location to go if you’re after some ‘‘ Midnight Sun’. Trek in the early morning, trek in the middle of the night, essentially trek whenever you seem like – – the sun will not set. The very best times to experience this are in between completion of May and the middle of July.

Pictured: Northern Lights in Abisko. Picture: Julia Kuznetsova

.Where To Stay.

On the lodging front, you’ve got the STF Abisko Turistation, Abisko Guesthouse , Abisko Mountain Lodge , and Abisko Hostel.

Alternatively, why not welcome your outdoorsy side and go wild outdoor camping. Scandinavia is usually incredibly chill about it, so make sure to take advantage of this simple and complimentary mindset while you’re here. A night under the stars in this location will resemble no other night you’ve had.

.Consuming And Drinking.

There’s not a billion dining establishment alternatives in this part of the world however there are a couple of good ones knocking about. Dining Establishment Kungsleden at STF Abisko Turistation provides good views and yummy Swedish food. Breakfast alternatives consist of “sauna smoked” reindeer meat sausages and marinaded herring fillets, and they’re likewise open for lunch and supper. Call Restaurant Kungsleden on +46 101 902 403 for more details, or if you ‘d like to reserve a table.

Another location worth having a look at is the cosy Brasserie Fjallkoket at Abisko Mountain Lodge . The dining establishment’s needle soup, whitefish roe, and reindeer sausage are all well evaluated with vegetarians likewise well catered for.

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