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5 Great Reads for Your Adventure Bookshelf in 2020

In the spirit of the new year, I’m making a new resolution to read more. If you’re doing the same, check out some of our favorite outdoor books.

After a long day outdoors, one of my favorite things to do is settle down with a good book. Expedition memoirs are my new favorite genre — although there are plenty of books out there that will quench your adventure thirst.

Here are five of my favorite adventure books released last year that you should add to your 2020 reading list.

The River‘ by Peter Heller

Publish date: March 2019

Type of book: Novel

Description: Peter Heller’s The River tells the story of two college students on a wilderness canoe trip. It’s a gripping tale of a friendship tested by fire, whitewater, and violence. But a wildfire making its way across the forest adds unexpected urgency to the journey.

From this charged beginning, master storyteller Peter Heller unspools a headlong, heart-pounding story of desperate wilderness survival.

Editor’s note: “Peter Heller is a fantastic writer who I’ve been reading for years. This novel was especially enjoyable, filled with super suspenseful writing and careful details. It’s full of drama and intrigue, but also fact — you can tell Heller is a writer who knows what he’s talking about.”

Read More Here

That Wild Country: An Epic Journey Through the Past, Present, and Future of America’s Public Lands‘ by Mark Kenyon

Publish date: December 2019

Type of book: Historical account

Description: Every American is a public-land owner, inheritor to the largest public-land trust in the world. These vast expanses provide a home to wildlife populations, a vital source of clean air and water, and a haven for recreation. Since its inception, however, America’s public land system has been embroiled in controversy. 

Part travelogue and part historical examination, That Wild Country invites readers on an intimate tour of the wondrous wild and public places that are a uniquely profound and endangered part of the American landscape.

Editor’s note: “Public lands are really important, and sometimes it’s easy to forget about the tensions when you are out enjoying nature. This book is a great cumulative account of what’s happened in the past and what we can do to protect our lands in the future. For me, it was refreshing to read something outside the usual genre of what I read, and on top of that, something I really care about.”

Read More Here

Running with Sherman: The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero‘ by Christopher McDougall

Publish date: October 2019

Type of book: Memoir

Description: When Chris McDougall agreed to take in a donkey from an animal hoarder, he thought it would be no harder than the rest of the adjustments he and his family had made. But when he arrived, Sherman the donkey was in such bad shape he could barely move. It turns out the best way to soothe a donkey is to give it a job, and so Chris decided to teach Sherman how to run.

He’d heard about burro racing — and decided he and Sherman would enter the World Championship in Colorado. Along the way, he shows us the life-changing power of animals, nature, and community.

Editor’s note: “Christopher McDougall is both the writer and character in this book. Reading about how McDougall learned the culture and history of a (almost) forgotten sport gives the story a lot more layers. The book is also a great balance of humor and storytelling. I mean, running an ultra-marathon with a donkey — what could be a better story than that?”

Read More Here

‘Born to Run’ Author Reveals His Eye-Opening Gear Kit

Board shorts, books, and a donkey?! Chris McDougall reshaped modern running, but what’s in his gear stash may be the most impressive. Read more…

Classic Krakauer: Essays on Wilderness and Risk‘ by Jon Krakauer

Publish date: in October 2019

Type of book: Essay Collection

Description: His pieces take us from a horrifying avalanche on Mount Everest to a volcano poised to obliterate a big chunk of Seattle; from a wilderness teen-therapy program run by apparent sadists to an otherworldly cave in New Mexico, studied by NASA to better understand Mars.

Classic Krakauer powerfully demonstrates the author’s ambivalent love affair with unruly landscapes and his relentless search for truth. These ten gripping essays show why Jon Krakauer is considered a standard-bearer of modern journalism.

Editor’s note: “Jon Krakauer — the author of Into Thin Air and Into the Wild — is a gripping writer. I’ve both read his books and heard him speak in person, and the storytelling he accomplishes through his writing is extraordinary. Especially after the media saturation of the story of Christopher McCandless (from Into the Wild), it’s nice to delve into Krakauer’s other fascinating real-life accounts. If you’ve never read Krakauer and have been wanting to, I recommend reading these essays.”

Read More Here

Running Home‘ by Katie Arnold

Publish date: March 2019

Type of book: Memoir

Description: Running Home is a memoir about the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our world — the stories that hold us back, and the ones that set us free. Ultrarunning tests the limits of human endurance over seemingly inhuman distances.

As she clocked miles across mesas and mountains, Katie learned to tolerate pain and discomfort, and face her fears of uncertainty, vulnerability, and even death itself. It’s a book for anyone who has been knocked over by life, or feels the pull of something bigger and wilder within themselves.

Editor’s note: “Anyone who runs knows that there are deeper reasons for why we run, why we push ourselves, than just exercise. Delving into Katie’s experiences through this memoir gave me a different perspective on the link between running and our lives.”

Read More Here

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How to Spend Your Gift Card: Cheap Outdoor Gear for Yourself

If you resemble a lot of outdoors-lovers, chances are you landed a present card or 2 to look for yourself this year. If you didn’t get whatever you desire, or simply require some concepts on how to invest that cash, here are some outdoorsy present concepts that will not break the bank.

The holiday indicates yuletide cheer and selecting those best presents for liked ones. It likewise implies hoping you get some thoughtful presents yourself. You may simply end up with a scratchy hand-me-down wool sweatshirt, gas station cars and truck freshener, or almost ended eggnog as a present.

But opportunities are you got a couple of present cards or a vacation check from Nana all set to be invested. Here are some budget friendly and terrific outdoorsy equipment alternatives for you, from you.

Skida Tour Neckwarmer : $22.

Not all neck tubes are produced equivalent. Skida has actually struck the mark on incredibly enjoyable prints, extremely comfy product, heat, and security.

Each neckwarmer is constructed of brushed thermal poly-spandex material. They’’ re so soft to the touch they might be made of angel plumes. The antimicrobial treatment leaves no requirement to stress over musky stink from sweat. And the 50-plus UPF ranking is a bonus offer.

Shop the Skida Tour Neckwarmer

P-Tex &&a BIC Lighter : Under $10.

If you ski, you’ll ultimately ski over rocks. And when you do, you’ll take a portion of base product out of your skis. It’s not enjoyable. The dreadful core shot can keep skiers up in the evening.

However, if you’’ re fortunate sufficient to have a thoughtful gift-giver in your life (ahem, that’’ s you ), you ’ ll rest simple understanding you have a couple of sticks of P-Tex base repair work product that you can merge your ski utilizing your dependable BIC lighter. This is an inexpensive, simple, always-needed service.

Shop P-Tex Shop BIC Lighters

Swix North Shuttle Kit : $80.

A ski tune, which includes base repair work and waxing, can cost anywhere in between $50 and $100 … every time. That accumulates throughout a ski season. The Shuttle Kit is the response to that cost.

Inside the clever, compact luggage, you get wax, a pocket edge and diamond sharpener, a bronze-nylon brush, polishing cork, and a handbook on how to ski tune. This is a best present to get yourself if you ski.

Shop the Swix North Shuttle Kit

Opinel Folding Knife : $14.

The timeless appearance of Opinel knives has actually remained the same given that 1955. If it ain’’ t broke, wear ’ t repair it.


This no-frills, just-kick-butt knife is sweetly easy with an old-school feel. It’s an ideal everyday bring pocketknife that can deal with whatever from charcuterie task throughout a backcountry treat break to shearing tinder for a campfire. Nobody is mad about getting an Opinel as a present.

Shop the Opinel Folding Knife

Swiss Army Knife Camper : $26.

For a knife with a low expense and a bit more to provide than the ever-cool Opinel (however a similarly as hip tradition), take a look at the Swiss Army Camper.

This thing is quite dang cool: a knife that has 12 tools, consisting of 2 blades, 2 screwdrivers, a can opener, and more, in a sub-3-ounce style. Like coffee and a semi-stinky sleeping bag, this is an essential for each camper.

Shop the Swiss Army Knife Camper

Kinco Gloves && Sno Seal : $30 or Less.

Nearly every hardware shop has both these outstanding present choices, and opportunities are you’’ ve seen them in action on ski hills, task websites, and in the woods.

Kinco leather work gloves are the very best, most long lasting and rugged, the majority of cost effective winter season gloves ever created in the history of glovery. They’’ re best for a skier or anybody who invests days outside in the snow and cold.

And when covered in Sno Seal water resistant beeswax, they stand the test of time and keep your mitts warm for winter season after winter season.

Shop the Kinco Gloves Shop Sno Seal

Arcade Belts : $26.

Is a belt an excellent present? When it’’ s a braided leather belt with an integrated cellphone-holder, no. When it’’ s an Arcade, yes.


These belts are resilient, elastic, and comfy in travel or on path. Included perk and design points originate from the art work and color choices, which show an outdoor-centered life.

Shop Arcade Belts

Smartwool Bryan Iguchi Socks : $26.

Smartwool’’ s PhD socks are probably the very best outside foot sleeves in the history of toes. Now, Smartwool has actually partnered with snowboarding legend and artist Bryan Iguchi to develop ski/snowboard-specific socks that include his mountain-inspired art work.

Boot-specific cushioning, made from stink-free and warm merino wool, a gender-specific fit, and the Smartwool seal of sturdiness make these ideal for snow bunnies.

Shop the Smartwool Bryan Iguchi Socks

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer : $50.

Do you understand what’’ s enjoyable about putting your feet in soaked boots? Absolutely nothing —– absolutely nothing is enjoyable about that. The majority of us outside folk set our ski and treking boots, our running or path shoes out to dry over night. And a lot of understand the frustration of inadequate dry time.

The Force Dry presses heated air through vents to zap wetness away in just an hour. And a quick dry time suggests less of a possibility for foul-smelling germs to start a business, hence suppressing the boot stank syndrome.

Shop the DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

BioLite Charge 10 : $25.

The only thing more aggravating than a dead phone while taking a trip is searching for an outlet to charge it. And if you’’ re in the backcountry, outlets are —– ahem —– scarce. The Charge 10 has the on-the-go charge covered.

It’’ s waterproof and has a stainless-steel body and silicone topper gasket that is strong enough to take a lick or more. The 2,600 mAh battery will charge up your phone, headlamp, or other USB gadget. Plus, its smooth style is ultra-packable.

Shop the BioLite Charge 10

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Homesteader’s Ultimate Guide For Christmas: Gift Ideas This Year

Looking for some ideal homesteader’s Christmas present concepts? Be sure to examine out this list if you’re looking for simple and enjoyable present concepts.

.Homesteader’s Ultimate Guide for Christmas: Gift Ideas This Year.Present Ideas any Homesteader Will Be Proud Of.

A homesteader’s present is in some cases a lot much better than what you can purchase any shop!

Whether you’’ re searching for something unique for your buddy, sweetheart, your preferred instructor, and even for your mother, I believe you’’ ll discover something you like in this list of present concepts.

As a homesteader, I constantly attempt to live within my ways and make basically whatever I require.

So when I offer presents, I ensure it’’ s something they can both utilize and treasure at the exact same time – – even if it ’ s something as easy as mason containers, or a bottle of memories.


These homesteader’s present concepts are simple, low-cost, and some can even be done at the last minute. While others might take a little preparation, they’’ re all basic sufficient for anybody to do.

.1. Mason Jars.

A real homesteader can never ever have a lot of mason containers . For canning, crafts, and a great deal of other homesteading abilities.

Fill it with a few of your homestead items or offer it empty, ensure to be innovative with your wrapping to make more unique.

.2. Can-Do Canning Kit. image by means of Homesteading

If you provide some mason containers, then a Can-Do Canning Kit is a fantastic 2nd present I’’ m sure they ’ ll enjoy it!


It will make homesteading jobs like canning a lot simpler and efficient.

.3. Firestarters.

You never ever understand when you require a fire around the homestead , and a homesteader is constantly prepared! It’s an outstanding present for anybody with a firepit or grill. Plus, developing a fire is an important survival ability.

.4. Support Pickles. image by means of Homesteading

One of the very best aspects of being a homesteader is how innovative you can get with canning. I wager you’’ ll end up being the instructor ’ s family pet if you shock him/her with these support pickles .

It might be a best lunch break buddy.

.5. Best Winter Hot Chocolate.

This finest winter season hot chocolate dish will certainly keep the winter season chill at bay. It’s a thoughtful present you can do with the kids.

Be sure to have a container for everybody you wish to remain warm throughout winter season nights.

.6. Hand Warmers.

If you’’ ve got lots of material scraps, like I do, then these hand warmers are the very best things you can DIY for Christmas. I’’ ll be making a set for a globe-trotting good friend of mine to keep her warm on her journeys.

.7. Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders. image by means of Amazon – – Click to Shop !

A real homesteader enjoys and takes pleasure in the pleased chirping of birds. Assist your fellow homesteaders attract their lovely visitors by providing among these squirrel evidence bird feeders .

.8. Terrarium Plants.

Winter isn’’ t the very best time to see the blooming charm of nature, so terrarium plants end up being the best method of bringing natural appeal inside. Select a gorgeous vase that fits your recipient and a terrarium plant that will advise them of the real charm of nature.

Are you a fan of upcycling? You’re going to LOVE these jobs… …

—– Homesteading( @HomesteadingUSA) November 4, 2016

.9. Succulent Plants.

Succulent plants are an on-trend DIY job to bring color to your house, and they’’ re simple to keep alive.( Also why they’’ re among my preferred plants.)

Place a couple of in a lovely container to make a lovely present.

.10. Do It Yourself Snow Globe Soap Dispenser.

On a minimal budget plan? Stress not, due to the fact that this joyful DIY snow world soap dispenser is easy, affordable, and charming!

It’’ s an excellent present for the entire household.

.11. Paracord Bracelet. image by means of DIY tasks

Outdoorsy or not, any person would like to have an extremely cool paracord bracelet ! Make this paracord bracelet for the males in your life this year.

It has a rough-and-ready appearance, and it can assist him if he ever discovers himself in a predicament.

.12. Practical Apron.

Anyone who deals with their hands understands how essential an apron is. We liked this homesteader’s apron . Purchase it or make it, any newbie or perhaps a skilled homesteader will value your consideration and effort.

.13. Sweatshirt Sleeve Wine Bottle Gift Bags.

Give your old extended or shrunken sweatshirt a brand-new lease on life by turning them into bottle present bags . This DIY is a quite cool upcycling concept.

.14. Cinnamon Stick Candles.

I enjoy cinnamon! I’’ ll be copying this cinnamon stick candle lights concept as a present and to embellish my own house, too.

.15. Send out A Hug.

Is this even possible? Yes, it is!

.When I got this hug, #ppppp> I still keep in mind how I teared up. It was so thoughtful of my grandkids to think about me even if they’’ re so hectic with all the enjoyable activities they have while on their Christmas getaway.

Send a hug as one of your individualized Christmas presents to all liked ones that are far from house. I’’ m sure they ’ ll value all your effort.

. 16. Bottle Of Memories.

Collect all the little ornaments of times invested with that unique present recipient, and make this bottle of memories . This present makes sure to induce some pleased tears! It’’ s incredibly easy yet extremely individual.

.17. Christmas Tea Tree.

Instead of simply gifting a covered box of tea, this Christmas tea tree will spread out Christmas cheer and please the tea-lover in your life!

.18. Tic-Tac-Toe Board.

Draw the tic-tac-toe board on the rectangle-shaped wood piece and stain the lines on the board. After, the stain has actually completely dried use wood oil to seal it.

This rustic tic-tac-toe board is the best push to motivate kids to drop their devices and reconnect with friends and family. It’’ s enjoyable for any ages, and very simple for you to make from cut wood pieces.

.19. Do It Yourself Garden Cart.

I understand this is something that you can not cover, however simply put an unique ribbon and your great to go. I have one much like this in my homestead, my spouse developed it for me, however he utilizes it in some cases.

This DIY garden cart will make the work at any homestead a lot much easier.

.20. Rain Barrel for Water Collection.

Any appropriate homestead ought to have a water collection system . You can water your plants with the rainwater, utilize it for the animals, and even utilize it on your own when required.

If you’’ re a prepper, you understand how essential the water in those barrels is. Hydration is more vital than food supply in case SHTF!

.21. Work Gloves.

Talk about some thoughtful presents for the busiest individual in your home. A trustworthy set of work gloves is a great deal of aid around your homestead.

Garden work, collecting fire wood, and the harsh cold can be extremely hard on your hands.

.22. Fermenting Kit.

Good gut health is important. This fermenting set is the best present for your health-conscious relative.

Homesteaders constantly seek to conserve cash and have scrumptious food at the very same time. The whole family can take advantage of this too.

.23. Swiss Army Knife.

Anyone will be pleased to get a traditional Swiss Army Knife this Christmas. Simply picture the search your father’’ s deal with as quickly as he unwraps his present.

It may be a bit small however has a great deal of the daily tools required for homesteading.

.24. Important Oils.

A starter package of vital oils is among the very best Christmas presents you can offer your fellow homesteaders. Important oils are understood to be among the best techniques to holistic medication.

They’re understood to promote not just the health of human beings however in animals.

.25. Food Dehydrator.

With food dehydrators , you can make your own dried fruits, jerky, or fruit leathers or perhaps make fresh flavorings from your homegrown dried herbs. It’s really affordable and beneficial.

.26. Carhartt Coat.

Everyone in the homestead has one; others might have it in various colors and designs. All the exact same, it is what is likewise understood as a rancher or a farmer’s uniform.

The Carhartt coat is among the very best Christmas present concepts for guys.

.27. Craft Supplies Kit.

I kept in mind the very first time I got as a Christmas present, my really first cross stitch package , and I was simply over the moon by it. Any homesteader will like getting a package of craft tools as a Christmas present this holiday.

Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch are crafts you will wish to have actually handed down in your household. It’’ s one of the finest previous times there is, and it assists with the house decoration.

.28. Headscarfs.

Be it store-bought or homemade, every homesteader who resides in a place that is vulnerable to the winter requires a headscarf. We like this infinity headscarf that does not need a pattern.

What much better method to get such a charming device than as a Christmas present?

.29. Garden Tools.

Steel-forge or plastic, there will constantly be a requirement for a set of garden tools in a homesteader’’ s front. Offer this set of garden tools to your fellow homesteaders, and they will certainly value you for this!

Want more present concepts? Have a look at this video from Farmhouse on Boone:

Whether you purchase or make your presents, it best to bear in mind the requirements and taste of the individual getting the present. By doing this, we guarantee that the presents we offered work and will be valued.

Enjoy your vacations!

Need more crafts to make? Check out these pallet job concepts for fall !

Which present concepts will you be making this Christmas? Let me understand in the remarks area listed below.

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