Want to know the emergency essentials for extreme weather conditions? If you want to be prepared for any kind of emergency, know what you need here!

Emergency Essentials

With global warming and everything that’s going on in our environment, I’m sure you may have noticed the drastic change in our weather. That’s why extreme weather isn’t something you can only dream about, it seems like the new reality of the world that we live in. Heat waves, wildfires, drought, floods, earthquakes, typhoons, these are just some extreme weather conditions that may happen in the blink of an eye. It pays to be prepared in any kind of situation. This list will have you prepared with the right emergency essentials in a survival situation.

Emergency Essentials For Your Weather Survival Kit

When packing your emergency essentials, what you choose to include depends on your individual needs. But there are certain items that every survivalist should pack in their survival kit, no matter what. These items are the essentials that will get you through those first crucial hours and hopefully increase your chances of survival. Among these crucial items that should be included in every survival kit are the “5 C’s.”

These tips have been provided by Survival Life

The 5 C’s of Survival

Cutting tool
Cover (something to make shelter out of)
Combustion items
Container for purifying water

In addition to the five C’s, there are several other survival items that every survival kit should include.

Other Survival Items

“Trucker’s Friend” demolition tool
A multitool
Map and compass
Cotton bandana
Extra running socks
First aid kit
Tactical flashlight
Toilet paper
Emergency weather radio
Way to charge your phone
Extra cash
Pet items (if applicable)

Need a few more tips? This infographic will provide a few more details for staying safe when disaster strikes.

Infographic by JK Mechanical

Extreme Weather Emergency Essentials

Extreme weather like heat waves, wildfires, drought, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, and snowstorms can take effect in an instant.



Best case scenario for your family during most extreme weather emergencies is to have a generator on standby.

Benefits of  a Standby Generator:

Permanent installation designed to work within seconds of power loss.
Transfer switch automatically activated to power generator on and off.
Operates on natural gas or propane.
Convenient placement next to existing structure.
Provides peace of mind 24/7.

Food and Water Supply

Here’s what you should have prepared for any emergency situation:


3 day water supply
1 gallon of water per person


3 day food supply
Easy to prepare
Non-perishable food

Prepare Your Home

You can take several preventive steps to fortify your home against extreme weather.

Check Roof

Examine the roof for any damages that could potentially cause leakage.

Signs of potential damage:

Water damage or leakage
Dark spots or trails
Outside light coming through

Caulk Windows and Doors

Loose air can sneak into your home causing heat loss
Wind-driven rain can cause moisture damage to your home
Eliminate gaps and cracks between windows or doors and their frames

Shut-off Wrench

Learn how to shut off the gas valves in your home and keep a wrench handy for that purpose.


Examine your attic to check to see if you need to update/add insulation. Not only will it keep you warm in the winter, it prevents:

Fire Risk

Recommended Insulation: 12″

Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters back up and damage the exterior of your home and cause leaks.

Clogged gutters cause water overflow
Can freeze and expand causing cracks in foundation wall

Bring Pets Inside

Extreme weather could lead to illness or injury.

Bring family pets inside the house or in a warm sheltered area.


If an emergency hits right now, are you prepared? Let us know below in the comments!

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