I just recently bought a New Gerber Gator Jr machete and chose to check it out on some dead wood in my backyard.

At very first I was exceptionally impressed by the product packaging alone. I need to state that although the blade of this machete is a fair bit much shorter than the complete sized variation, it loads all of the kind and function of its “senior” sibling. This machete features a fantastic sheath that seems custom-made formed particularly for this knife.

The edge of the Gator Jr comes near razor sharp right out of the bundle and the serrated side has actually a cross patterned teeth that work rather well for cutting little branches to a more workable size. This knife is lightweight however still has a heft that makes it manageable in a heavy swing. the Hilt of the knife has a textured rubber deal with that sits perfectly in the hand although the corded “security loop” does not appear like it would do excessive if you lost control of the machete.

The blade has a great spring to it without flexing excessive. When comparing the Jr to the initial Gerber Gator, the junior weighs in a massive 10″ ″ much shorter in blade length and about 4 oz in overall weight. The overall length of the knife (around 18″″) permits it to fit within many packs and likewise makes it much less troublesome when strapped to your belt or thigh.

The only drawback I have actually seen to the blade remains in its develop.

While it is a terrific steel and all around great knife I felt that the manage was a little light. A little bit of research study revealed me why, the blade was made without a complete tang. this indicates that the plastic and rubber manage does not have the complete strength of the metal behind it and with rough usage (ie: hacking at a tree trunk or thick log) might see the deal with really shatter and render it worthless. If you would be utilizing it as a basic usage machete or for light brush cleaning this knife is a terrific offer coming in at around $20, I would state that.

But for anything much heavier, there are numerous much better choices offered.

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Originally published on: September 24, 2012 @ 3:45 AM


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