Make your own homemade paracord knife grip with this quick and easy tutorial to upgrade your survival gear.

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Make Your Own Homemade Paracord Knife Grip
What You’ll Need to Make a DIY Paracord Knife Grip
Simple Paracord Handle Wrap Instructions

How to Make a Homemade Paracord Knife Grip

Make Your Own Homemade Paracord Knife Grip

As survivalists, we see paracord as a reliable multi-purpose item for survival and because it’s fashionable. Paracord can be used in really cool ways to update and enhance your survival gear and weapons.

So, if you’re looking for cool new paracord projects for your gear, try this DIY paracord knife grip. Check out these easy instructions for a cool new way to use a paracord weave–in a homemade paracord knife grip.

If you’re also tired of boring old knife grips, you can give your blades and gear handles a makeover with this cool 550 paracord project. All you’ll need is some paracord and a half hour.

No experience necessary – this tutorial is perfect for beginners! This paracord knife grip from our friends at DIY Project is an awesome addition for your survival gear.

Now, let’s get this cool homemade paracord knife grip project started!

What You’ll Need to Make a DIY Paracord Knife Grip

Knife (We’re using a Tomahawk, cuz we’re Tomah-awesome!)

Simple Paracord Handle Wrap Instructions
Step 1. Prepare Your Survival Knife and Paracord

Grab the gear or knife which you would like to sheath! We didn’t have a knife handy which needed sheathing because they all had a good grip already, so we used a tomahawk instead.

Free Paracord Bracelet - FireKable by Survival Life | Homemade Paracord Knife Grip | DIY Paracord Projects

Prepare your paracord. Set your knife or tomahawk’s handle you like sheathed on top of the paracord, somewhere in the middle of its whole length.

Step 2. Start to Weave

Now, take the left side of your paracord and run it over the sheath and under the paracord on the opposite side.

Thread it through the loop on the left-hand side.

Step 3. Make Your First Weave

Take the right-side of the paracord, then cross it over the front of the sheath. Pull it tight to secure.

Next, cross the left-side paracord over the top of the right-side paracord.

Cross the left-side paracord behind the sheath.

Step 4. Pull the First Paracord Weave Tight

Thread the left-side paracord through the loop on the right side.

Now, you just made your first weave. Pull the weave tight.

Make sure to keep everything as tight as possible.

Step 5. Continue Weaving

It will be the same move/process hereon–cross the left-side paracord over the front of the sheath thread it through the loop on the left side, then pull tight.

Step 6. Repeat

Repeat in this fashion until the entire handle is covered.

Step 7. Melt the Paracord Edges to Secure Ends

Melt both tips of your paracord strands. Melting the tips will make it easier to thread the paracord through the eyelet on your sheath if it has one. It will also prevent the ends from fraying.

For your next DIY paracord project, this fish scale knife handle wrap from this Paracord Planet video should be your next challenge: 

Now you know, how to wrap a knife handle with paracord or any other of your survival gears. And, wasn’t this paracord project quick and easy? From this simply weave pattern, you can wrap all your survival gears with paracords both for style, comfort, and practical paracord uses.

Anytime you’re in a tight situation and you need rope, you can easily unravel a paracord from one of your gears. Then, you can easily wrap your gear again having survived another day.

Would you take on this homemade paracord knife grip project? Let us know your plans for it or how it went in the comments section below!

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