Want to learn how to prepare milk for survival? When a disaster hits and you can’t just run to the store, having milk ready-to-go on your homestead will help you survive. Milk provides an excellent source of protein, vitamins and nutrients including Calcium and Vitamin D. It also acts as a base for many essential recipes.  Read on as we share ways to prepare milk for survival.

How To Prepare Milk For Survival
Learn how to have continuous supply of milk even when SHTF

As we all know milk doesn’t keep long, however, I should say that it is most important food that we should have on the daily basis. However, when SHTF hits we might lose our very own supply for it. To help us have it handy we found these ways to prepare milk for survival.


1. Pasteurized Milk

First, we have to learn how to pasteurize milk so that we can avoid milk from harboring dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to the whole family. Learn how to pasteurize milk here.

2. Freezing Milk


This might not be the most advisable way to preserve milk since it will consume much of the freezer space and you might not have the energy available to keep it frozen when the SHTF, however, it will still work on to extend the consumption date for your milk. Check it out here.

3. Canning Milk

While freezing milk will taste more like fresh and canning may not be suitable for drinking, however, canning milk is another way of preserving milk and save energy.  It has a long shelf life and will taste just like any canned milk available in the grocery store. Just perfect for making soups, gravies, sauces, fudge, bread, cakes. Learn how to can milk here.


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4. Dehydrated Milk

Dehydrated milk, or powdered instant milk, is the perfect project if you are looking for a long term storage. You can simply do it and save a lot of money. Learn how to dehydrate milk here.

5. Want another option?


You can make some cheese! Learn how to make cheese here.


Or you know, you could just build your own floating dairy farm…

Do cows get seasick? Welcome to Rotterdam’s floating dairy farm

Do cows get seasick? It’s not a question farmers often ask, except in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where a team of developers plans to build a floating dairy. “They won’t here,” says Minke van Wingerden of Beladon, a company involved with water-based projects from a luxury hotel to this floating farm proposed for Rotterdam harbour.

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