Gone is the once-famous yellow wristband logo design that galvanized an around the world motion to beat cancer. And with it goes Lance Armstrong’s tradition with the Armstrong Foundation he established more than 20 years back.

” We’re more than a wristband.” That easy pronouncement by Livestrong president and CEO Greg Lee —– prior to a put together crowd of about 200, according to the Associated Press —– talked to far more than simply the item that ended up being the icon for the Livestrong Foundation.

Earlier this month, Lee and the structure exposed the new-look Livestrong and its upgraded objective. Rather of the hallmark yellow-and-black logo design —– a nod to the near-ubiquitous wristbands of the early 2000s —– 3 concentric circles (yellow, orange, and blue) now represent the structure and its work. You can see more about the rebrand in the video listed below.

But while the structure outwardly refocused its work from individually client services to moneying pioneering operate in cancer treatment and care, the rebrand brought a weightier subtext. By altering its identity, Livestrong cut the last tie of its notorious creator, Lance Armstrong.

.Livestrong, Not Armstrong.

Armstrong developed the Livestrong Foundation —– then called the Lance Armstrong Foundation —– in the middle of his traumatic story of cancer survival. And it preceded his duplicated accomplishments at biking’s most distinguished occasion: 7 titles at the Tour de France.

In the wake of that success, the structure prospered, funneling countless dollars into cancer research study, client, lobbying, and treatment services.

And a big portion of that cash originated from a rewarding collaboration the structure struck with Nike, which managed the manufacture and marketing of the bracelet and other “Livestrong”- branded clothing products. That decade-long collaboration pertained to an unceremonious end in 2013 after Armstrong confessed a year previously to doping and relinquished his biking records.

From then on, both the track record and resources of the once-lauded structure fell under decrease. In spite of stepping down from his position with the structure, Armstrong’s shadow blanketed Livestrong for several years after. It officially dropped the embattled bicyclist’s name completely, officially ending up being the Livestrong Foundation in 2012.

But with Nike gone and Armstrong no longer a nationwide hero, the structure saw long-lasting and significant decreases in earnings. Simply in between 2012 and 2013 alone, the structure stated its budget plan dropped almost 11% . And grants and contributions have continued to plunge —– from almost $30 million in 2010 to listed below $2.5 million in 2018.

And now it appears Livestrong, similar to expert biking, requires to expunge Armstrong from its past. Not just was Armstrong’s existence no place to be discovered at the relaunch —– he wasn’t even acknowledged as the structure’s creator. According to the AP, the occasion’s host just made a passing referral to Livestrong’s “well-known creator” throughout the event.

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