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‘Nestbox’ Puts a Camper in Your SUV or Jeep: Car Camping Elevated

Turn the luggage area of your vehicle into a full-featured camper in under 5 minutes. The Egoe Nestbox is a camper system in a box.

The Nestbox is an all-in-one camper system that can easily be moved in and out of the cargo area of a wide range of SUVs, wagons, and vans. The system is made by the Czech company Egoe Nest and is about to make its North American debut.

Egoe Nestbox

The main components of the Nestbox system are the kitchen and the bed. The kitchen consists of a two-burner propane stove, a sink and water system, some organizer drawers, and a 12-volt fridge. All of these items stow neatly into the cabinet box and fold and slide out for use.

Atop the box is the Nestbed. This bed system consists of a three-panel design that folds out over the stowed rear seats of the vehicle. It not only stores neatly above the Nestbox for transport but can easily be removed for day trips.

Nestbox Models

Egoe offers the Nestbox in four models. The smallest version is the Nestbox Camper (about $3,000), and the Nestbox Hiker model (from about $3,500) is just a bit bigger. The Nestbox Supertramp (about $3,900) is a big, full-featured model designed for the rigors of off-road travel. The biggest Nestbox is the Roamer (about $3,900), which is most suited for compact van applications.

Along with the various Nestbox models, Egoe Nest also offers a full line of accessories to complement the camper-in-a-box system. Of course, it offers products to outfit the Nestbox, like 12-volt fridges, Fisker hatchets, and more. It also offers accessory bags for the rear windows of vehicles, called Nestbags, and even matching pillows to the Nestbed mattress called Nestpillows.

Newbag Window accessory

For van applications or SUVs with space, it even offers a folding table/storage box, called the Nestblock.

Vehicle Applications

Czech-based Egoe currently makes Nestbox systems for a wide range of vehicles, but most are European models not on offer here in North America. There are, however, Nestboxes for the Land Rover LR4, Subaru Forester, Subaru Tribeca, Volkswagen Passat, and Volvo XC60.

The big news is that the ever-popular Jeep Wrangler looks to be the next vehicle to get a Nestbox. By the pictures supplied, the Wrangler looks to be getting a full-featured Supertramp model. While specifications haven’t been released yet, we’d expect the Wrangler Nestbox Supertramp to weigh in at about 175 pounds and cost in the neighborhood of $4,000 based on European specifications.

We also think the Nestbox will fit in a wide range of SUVs, wagons, and vans on offer here in the U.S. Egoe will just have to test fit these models before updating its fit list.


If this sort of system is right for your adventuremobile, then also be sure to check out the Ququq camper-in-a-box system as well. The Ququq system is very similar to the Nextbox system, but it’s executed differently and fits different vehicles.

See It Yourself

Egoe was scheduled to debut its Nestbox system to the North American market at Overland Expo West in May. But the expo is postponed, as the COVID-19 epidemic has quickly shut down most events for the next few months. We might have to wait just a bit longer to get our eyes on these cool camper-in-a-box systems for ourselves.

Learn more about the Egoe Nestbox here.

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Wes Siler’s Ultimate Car-Camping Kitchen

After years of screening equipment and fine-tuning his own system, Wes has actually reached the ideal camp kitchen area. Here he reveals us his setup and how to prepare his preferred pasta meal, so you can get ready for when it’’ s time to head back out there. The Camp Chef Mountaineer range integrates the highest-output burners offered in a robust, light, freestanding plan. The MSR Ceramic two-pot set is well developed, making both cooking and tidying up outdoors simple. The Dometic fridge-freezer permits you to bring fresh food along on extended journeys. And last however crucial, the Front Runner upright water tank offers running water in camp.


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COVID-19 And The National Guard Deployment 2020

Hearing about the National Guard release in 2020 is making Americans question what the federal government is doing. Is the implementation needed? Will this ultimately cause Martial Law?

Let’s talk about more about this matter listed below.

.National Guard Deployment 2020: How Good or Bad Is It?

There are 35,000 cases and growing in New York presently. It is approximated that New York might see a peak of around 140,000 cases . When this infection reaches its peak in the state, they are having a hard time to fulfill the requirement for healthcare facility beds and ventilators that are exceptionally necessary.

The federal government has actually taken out every technique in its book to include the contaminations. We aren’’ t precisely sure what they are attempting to do, however all of it has a major impact on the lives of individuals of this country. The American individuals do not have adequate details, and they are getting more worried and afraid instead of less.

Donald Trump has actually even signed an executive order that will make hoarding ““ infection ” products prohibited. There has actually been no description of what infection products are, beyond a ““ storage facility of surgical masks,” ” however this is a language that prompts more worry, especially amongst preppers.

.Are We Headed for Martial Law?

In this vacuum of details, we are likewise finding out about things like the National Guard being released to cities and areas that require assistance. Lots of people are taking a look at this relocation as a method to set up some type of Martial Law.

Martial Law is among the prepper boogeymen all of us fret about. We think of scenes where body armored jerks and tanks roll up and down our streets —– a circumstance where we have actually been deactivated and our preparations taken while we have a hard time to feed our households.

That has actually been a storied worry in lots of prepper books. The federal government and this infection overreach look like the best environment to do things like deactivate the population and squash them with extreme tyranny.

One thing to bear in mind about Martial Law is that it’’ s a numbers video game. There aren’’ t enough authorities out there to with confidence impact all the states in the union. There are a lot of people. You will see the National Guard if you are in a huge city.

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Do not take a look at these individuals as the opponent. We have a clear opponent in the infection. The National Guard is being released for extremely particular jobs. These jobs consist of constructing health centers for locations that put on’’ t have sufficient beds. They are likewise going to assist give out help in impacted locations.

The National Guard will not be standing at your front door with a rifle to ensure you do not leave your house. It’s simply not the very best usage of the force. There aren’’ t adequate individuals to do that, and the impact wouldn ’ t deserve the resource.

There are a lot of things to stress over, however the National Guard rolling into town is not one of them. Due to the fact that these individuals are here to assist, present yourself and be really cordial. Don’’ t forget, these National Guard members are likewise your next-door neighbors!

.How Should Preppers Deal with This Situation.

As the infection spreads, we are visiting various states reach peaks at various moments. The requirement for resources will blow up greatly, and you require to prepare for that. While this weird lockdown or decrease has actually pumped the brakes on resources in your location, you are visiting comparable results as your location strikes its peak of infection.

As preppers, now is the time for us to concentrate on all the important things we have actually prepared for! Keep prepping. Keep broadening on food sources , food storage, keep experimenting guns, develop neighborhood prepare for security, and be prepared to act if you require to.

Pay attention to regional intelligence and the nearby city to you as their scenario will determine much of the actions your state takes.

We have actually been prepared for these SHTF signs for a long time. This is simply the very first genuine test we preppers have actually dealt with. The world hasn’’ t dealt with a danger like this. As preppers, we remain in the very best position individuals can be.

Where you can be most reliable is keeping a level head and being prepared to assist. Don’’ t conceal from this thing. For so long, preppers are trained to conceal. Now is the time to assist.

.Stay Calm But Aware.

We remain in the middle of a genuine SHTF situation. Don’’ t let anybody inform you otherwise. In between the infection rates that have actually barely begun yet and the scenario with individuals who run out work and not getting a response from the federal government, the country is grasped in panic.

That won’’ t modification for a while, which is why I am getting in touch with the preppers to keep a level head. The National Guard Deployment 2020 is not Martial Law regardless of what they inform you on social networks. Your county or city is going to require all the aid it can get.

Watch the federal government carefully and beware of being locked down in an unsafe location. Travel limitations might make it almost difficult for you to bugout if things get even worse in a rush. Stay ahead of the video game and assist those that you can.

This is a nationwide paradigm shift that we are enduring. Hang in there!

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