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: johnnya123/iStock )Utah. The Expert: John Tillison, previous Washington State park ranger.
Badlands( Photo: SharonDay/iStock) South Dakota. A very easy 1.5-mile round-trip, this route explores the finest of the<a href =""

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Florida. The Expert: Sandra Friend, writer of '' The Florida Trail Guide''.
It & rsquo; s the park & rsquo; s just treking route, and also on it you & rsquo; ll be submersed in exotic woodlands, also as Miami impends to the north.Beautiful( Photo: dschnarrs/iStock) park( Photo: Tom Mendola/iStock) Utah.

Capitol Reef.

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The Expert: Andrew Wojtanik, previous Capitol Reef expository ranger.
The Hike: Halls Creek Narrows

The elegance of the Halls Creek Narrows, a port canyon with imposing high cliffs, is commonly contrasted to the popular Narrows of Zion, yet this 22.4-mile round-trip walk is a lot more sturdy as well as remote. The unmarked path needs a topographic map as well as compass to browse. Strategy to invest 2 evenings in the backcountry and also to splash with numerous creek crossings.

Carlsbad Caverns.

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( Photo: Elisabeth Bender/iStock) New Mexico.

The Expert: Colin Walfield, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, worker.
This 1.25-mile stroll spins amongst large stalagmites on a smooth route with hand rails.

Network Islands.

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( Photo: benedek/iStock) California. The Expert: David Begun, Channel Islands park ranger.
You & rsquo; ll begin in meadow bluffs, with sweeping sights of the Pacific, in the past going down right into a canyon nurturing indigenous plants like the canyon sunflower.


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( Photo: TheBigMK/iStock) South

Carolina. The Expert: Barbie Smrekar, Columbia Outdoor Adventure Network coordinator.
Amar Veluri( Photo: lipika/iStock) Ohio. Trek to its damages from Chris Wicht & rsquo; s Camp, 5 miles by means of Surprise Canyon, and also appreciate its running water and also lavish plants– rarities in Death Valley.ak( Photo: Melissa Kopka/iStock) Alaska.

Badlands( Photo: SharonDay/iStock) South Dakota.Beautiful( Photo: dschnarrs/iStock) park( Photo: Tom Mendola/iStock) Utah. The Hike: Halls Creek Narrows

The beauty of elegance Halls Creek Narrows, tightens slot canyon port towering cliffsImposing high cliffs often compared usually contrasted famous Narrows renowned Zion, yet this 22.4-mile round-trip hike is walking more <a href="" target= "_ blank" Space rugged and remoteAnd alsoak( Photo: Melissa Kopka/iStock) Alaska.