Where will you go when catastrophe strikes ? For numerous rich preppers, the response lies underground –– in an extremely fancy bunker. Take a look at these glamorous end ofthe world bunkers that are altering the survival shelter video game.

.End ofthe world Bunkers from Around the World.

Many survivalists imagine owning the supreme underground bunker –– however for these incredibly rich preppers, that dream is now a truth. Total with pool, cinema and more, these glamorous end ofthe world bunkers are the very best of the very best. Have a look at these 5 end ofthe world bunkers that are the supreme in survival shelters.

.1. The Missile Silo Bunker.

Created by Larry Hall in Kansas, the Missile Silo extends 174 feet underground and has walls that are 9 feet thick. When things get out of hand, this bunker uses a glamorous safe sanctuary for. It consists of a pool, library, and even a theater. You can acquire an apartment inside the Missile Silo for $2 million.

2. The “Europa One” Bunker.

Vivos is presently dealing with a glamorous fallout bunker in Germany called the Europe One. The bunker will have the ability to stand up to a nuclear blast, chemical representatives, earthquakes and any other catastrophes. The bunker will be 250,000 square feet and will have the ability to house 6,000 individuals. The Europe One will come totally geared up with glamorous pool, theaters, health clubs and a self-contained water and power generation system.

3. The ” Home Within A Home” Bunker.

During the Cold War, the initial owner of this house chose to develop a bunker 26 feet under his house. The owner created the bunker to be a “house within a house” for a long-lasting stay. He included an outside location and a pool, plus much more distinct functions. The house is approximated to cost about $1.7 million. Click here to have a look at the house within a house bunker.

.4. The Seed Vault Bunker.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault lies 810 miles far from the North Pole. Different nations contributed towards the structure of the bunker back in 2006. The center shops seeds from a range of plants in case a significant disaster takes place. It was reported in 2015 that the bunker held about 420 million seeds.

5. The Atlas Bunker.

Atlas, an American business, constructs budget friendly survival shelters priced in between $36,000 to $86,000. For $85,000 you can purchase a 10×× 51 shelter with an air filtering system, blast-proof doors, table, cooking area, shower, home entertainment center, bunk beds and under-floor storage.

Check out the video listed below to get more information about these end ofthe world bunkers:

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