My BioLite Campstove has changed my life! It makes camping and cooking, and surviving outdoors so much easier. I honestly can’t imagine how I survived the outdoors without it. If you want to start cooking your camping food with ease, this is the campstove for you. Here are all the ways it will make your life better too.

Outdoor Camping Ideas: Amazing Uses of the Biolite Campstove

In case you didn’t know, the BioLite Wood Burning Campstove is a unique compact stove that can also charge your devices. The fuel it burns creates the energy to charge a USB drive (aka YOUR PHONE). That means that WHILE it’s cooking delicious food, it’s ALSO charging. You and your phone can refuel at the same time. That’s pretty neat.

The BioLite Campstove runs on mere twigs, sticks, any small kindling that you can easily find anywhere, so you don’t ever have to worry about the difficult task of starting a fire again…


You also don’t have to tote around fuel, which is a huge game changer (and money saver!) It’s quick to light, fast to boil, and easy to use. Whether you’re out camping for the weekend, need an outdoor burner, or planning for a long-term survival epidemic, you’re going to love the BioLite Camp Stove.


It’s become a staple gear in my camping kit. And since it can also charge my phone, cook my food, and sanitize my water with ease, it’s worth the price. I actually have some that I’m selling exclusively for my readers, (they’re cheaper than Amazon), if you’re interested. Check out buying details here.


So how do I use my BioLite Camp Stove?

First of all, it can quickly boil water. It only takes about 4 minutes to get the water boiling, and from there, you can really make anything that involves hot water. From coffee to tea, or even just sanitizing your drinking water. There’s also tons of recipes you can make too! All you need is a pot or pan. Check it out:


14 Camping Recipes you can make with your BioLite Camp Stove

(Get your own here)

Make any Stove Top Pasta Dish


Easily make any pasta, like you normally would. Try out one of these delicious pasta recipes.

It Will Cook Your Rice


Make rice on the stove top with your BioLite Camp Stove. Here’s a good quick recipe.


You can make Campfire Chilli


I love this chili recipe. Here are 22 ideas for cookng ground beef with your stove.

You can do Stove Top Macaroni & Cheese


Learn how to get the perfect homemade mac and cheese right here. (Or go simple, and make Krafts.)


You can make soup on your BioLite Camp Stove. I love soup.

Make this soup recipe, and  check out other cheap easy dinner ideas here.


This summer is the perfect time to use these camping hacks!

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Stove Top Popcorn is a MUST

Stovetop popcorn is so easy, and so much healthier than microwave popcorn. All you need is corn kernels and cooking oil. Fill the bottom of your pan with the oil and kernels, turn on the stove, and let pop until you don’t  hear them popping anymore (about 3 minutes). Then coat with salt, butter, or anything else you’d like to add. Details here.

Use your BioLite Camp Stove for ANYTHING that cooks in a skillet!

Check out 20 delicious cast iron skillet recipes here.

I love cast iron skillets. But you might want to use something that weighs a bit less if you’re out backpacking, or need to travel light. 

Click here for 5 cast iron skillet cleaning tips

You can Fry Eggs …or scramble, or poach…

Here’s how Martha Stewart gets the perfect fried eggs every time.

You can make pancakes on your BioLite Campstove

Here’s how my homesteading friends make the best pancakes ever: RECIPE HERE

You can do a Pan Seared Steak

It’s all the juicy goodness of steak, but even better, because YOU made it.

You could bake a pizookie (pizza + cookie)

Pizookies are a gift from heaven. Here’s 23 must-try pizookie recipes. Including oatmeal chocolate chip, and oreo!

You could even make a pizza with your BioLite Campstove with a skillet!

Everyone loves pizza. EVERYONE. Click here for Skillet Pizza tutorial.

Or make a cobbler

It’s not camping if you don’t dish out a cobbler for dessert. Peach and Apple are good, but have you tried BLUEBERRY?

You can even brew your own coffee with a coffeemaker on your campstove


Is there anything better than the smell of fresh roasted coffee in the morning?


You can go camping wherever and whenever you want. You can make your own campfire, you can bring your own grill, you can do whatever you like! I really like using the BioLite because I still get to enjoy the wonders of being outdoors, but cooking and finding a power source is a little more simplified. All I need is twigs and brush to start the fire. From there I can cook or heat up whatever I need to. I can also charge my phone. Click here to buy your own BioLite Campstove.

Check out more cool camping products we have for sale: Click Here

Does this make you want to have your own BioLite stove? Let me know below in the comments section! And if you want more camping tips, get it here.

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