Looking for fun farming games that just might teach you something? We’ve compiled 10 smart, fun farming games that will please farmers of all ages.

Top 10 Farming Games That Will Give Your Brain Some Boost

Remember Farmville? How almost everyone got addicted to it? Then it seems almost every day that a new farming game come out and appealing to you to spare some of your time to water plants, harvest crops, build storage, so on and so forth. Some of it were fun and just quite satisfying but check the list below for what we’ve got for you, simply smart farming games that are not just as satisfying but will also give your brain some boost.


1. Farming Simulator


Farming Simulator blows away the farm game competition since it is a kind of give that you really get involve with. It has over a hundred farm equipment that is modeled just like the real-world counterparts and numerous global regions to farm in, thus it provides the most realistic farming experience.


2. Farm Mania


Farm Mania is a time management game in which players get to spend a great time in the country helping Anna salvage her grandfather’s farm to become a successful business.


3. My American Farm


My American Farm is a project of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture dedicated to teaching children agricultural literacy. Its website contains 21 games teaching our children how our food is produced from growing crops down to our plates. Plus it offers plenty of resources to parents and teachers, such as lesson plans, recipes to try at home and printable activity pdfs. So you can simply find both facts and fun at the My American Farm website.


4. Agricultural Simulator


Agricultural Simulator 2013 version was inspired by the lands of America and is also considered as one the best farming games. You will start as a basic farmer but with basic farming skills and knowing what your doing will give you give you success in this game.


5. Sunken Secrets
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Farmers of all ages will be delighted to this beautiful magical farming game, Sunken Secrets. Hidden on its glistening exterior is an intelligent farming game full with techniques and recipes. Players must utilize farming techniques, planning and time management skills to succeed in this game. A mixture of real life situations and resource management with a dose of magic will lead to a wonderful way of spending some time.


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6. 3rd World Farmer


3rd World Farmer is a game that will teach you to be a survival against all odds. It is a simple game that will live you a big impact. The game is simple but it will let you experience the hardship of farming in a poor country.


7. Farm Defenders


Farm Defenders was specifically made for people who want to persevere a career in economic development. If you want to help the poorest citizens of the world who are living from subsistence farming beat this game by increasing profit to a small agricultural enterprise.


8. Dairy Farm Simulator


Dairy Farm Simulator is a text-based web browser game where the player design and control their very own virtual dairy farm. It allows the player to create, personalize and take control of their own dairy. Once the player reached the expert level it provides details of multiple cow breeds, nutrient content of the milk produced, management of workers and much more.


9. African Farmer


African Farmer is much similar to 3rd World Farmer. The player handles a small family farm in Sub-Saharan Africa, making tough choices similar to choices made by African farmers every day. However, the African Farmer’s game play is more complicated, it includes planting crops, doing trips to the market, making decisions for family’s nutrition and even arranging funerals.


10. Farm Frenzy


Farm Frenzy plot is pretty much alike to the real life job. Looking after your livestock and producing cakes, wool, butter, and cheese. You can sell products to earn money that you can use to purchase machinery for your farm. With vibrant graphics and amazing sound effects, farmers of all ages will definitely have that fun filled afternoon.


So there you have it! Farming games that give you both the fun and the learning factors.


Got time for one more? Let’s check this video from Draegast:

Thanks for checking our Top 10 Farming Games That Will Give Your Brain Some Boost post! Which one will you play? Let us know the comments below.

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