Did you know that venison is good for you? Like, really really good for you.

Venison – America’s SUPER Meat

Venison is deer meat. There is an overpopulation of deer in the US which harms crops, so hunting them for meat actually helps the environment too. Plus, venison has many health benefits that outshine all other forms of meat (even Turkey). So grab your rifle and help partake in the great circle of life by harvesting and eating venison. Don’t want to hunt? You can buy venison too. Call your local butcher and find if they carry it. Someone is sure to.

Many centuries ago, our ancestors hunted and lived off their harvested meat, proving how vital this was for survival. The old age tradition of hunting for food is one of the most useful skills anyone could learn for self-sufficiency. This detailed infographic prepared by the good folks at GoodGameHunting.com not only showcases the benefits of hunting for a meal, it also shows the many benefits to eating wild game such as venison. Deer meat is high in protein, low in calories and contains half the fat of beef, just to name a few. It’s evident that venison is an extremely nutritious and healthy red meat and a much better alternative to eating store bought meat.

The Benefits of Harvesting and Eating Venison:

The only question left is, WHERE can I get some? If you live in deer-country, go out and hunt it! If not, GOOGLE it.

Please note, always be mindful of where your food is sourced from. One of the factors that causes venison to be so healthy is because it has not been touched by factory farms and undergone cruel treatment, nor has it been genetically modified to grow or taste a certain way. If you buy beef or other forms of protein  from humane sources such as organic farms or family farms, you can avoid hormones or genetically modified substances in this food too.


Want to give it a try? Here’s a recipe you should try from Jamie Oliver:


Do you like venison? Are you a fan of the super tasty, super healthy deer meat? Share your comments below!

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