Are you looking for ideas on how you can transform a vehicle into a roaming home? Read on and gather ideas to create a beautiful bus renovation.

Watch As These Homesteaders Turn Old Busses Into Livable Quarters!

If you like the idea of living in a roaming home and travel the open road without the worry of not having the comfort of a home, your best option is to do a bus renovation. Many bold DIY-ers have made their dream of roaming home come true. Read on and look for that beautiful roaming home that can take your heart desires anywhere.


1. Cool 1959 Chevrolet Short Bus Retro


Winkelman Architecture transformed this short bus into a livable quarter for 12 passengers and a driver. It has a Moroccan-inspired interior, multicolored beads, tassel lamps, and Arabian textile prints. With plumbing (toilet and sink) as well. View it here.

2. Big Green Bus
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Built by carpenter Adam Collier-Woods. It has an amazing space that can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably and offers 2 double bedrooms, a full-size kitchen, and log-burning stove. Available for rent in the heart of Sussex countryside. Check it out here.

3. Franklin Vintage Caravan


If you just want a tiny place for you to travel with, you must see how the Franklin Vintage Caravan was transformed into a tiny house. Check it out here.

4. Rustic Masterpiece 2001 GMC Bluebird School Bus


Built by young couple Alyssa and Will and it took them 5 months to complete but the transformation of the 2001 GMC Bluebird School Bus into a new livable rustic masterpiece was a dream come true for the couple who wants to take a journey across the country in their bus, working on the road and look into what America has to offer. Check it out here.

5. Sweet Home Transformation of 1989 Thomas Saf-T-Liner MVP



Built by Jake Von Slatt following an inspiration from the book Rolling Homes by Jane Lidz. He transformed the old 1989 Thomas Saf-T-Liner MVP school bus into an amazingly livable family quarter out from mostly recycled and salvaged materials. It’s complete with kitchen, bathroom, bunk room, salon, and a master’s bedroom. View the transformation here.


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6. A Practical House Bus


Built by an architecture student, a truly practical living quarter out from an old bus. Complete with bathroom, kitchen, setting, and a bedroom. Check it out here.

7. Hospitable Home Transformation of the 1998 Thomas Built Bus

Who would not be amazed how the designer transforms this 39 foot Thomas School bus into a comfortable and hospitable living quarter that sure to fit an adventurer who loves to move from place to another. Check it out here.

8. Tiny Home Bus Conversion

Built by Stephanie Adams who dreamt of having a simpler life with less distraction. So, she purchased a 220-square-foot 2000 diesel model school bus and converted it into a comfortable mobile home that has all the comfort of a home which includes furniture, natural light, fridge, oven and more. See the full conversion here.

9. Bus Turned Into an Affordable Living Space


What can 2 talented women build? A chic living space out from an old bus that is complete with bathroom, bedroom, storage, kitchen, and even air conditioning. Check it out here.

10. 1948 Chevy Bus Transformed Into a Bohemian Home


Who would not love to live in a Bohemian house that moves from one place to another? It has a cozy wood-lined interior, fitted with built-in couches, closet, kitchen and a wood stove. It also has a  wooden loft to the back with a large window that is perfect for a full-scale view when traveling. Get the full view here.

Did you enjoy how old busses transform into a living quarter? Which one will you try? Let us know in the comments below.

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