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With all the discuss food storage and growing our own food, I did a little digging around to learn what some individuals consumed throughout America’’ s Great Depression of the 1930 ’ s. Surprisingly, a few of these were made by my mom and granny, customs, I’’ m sure, from a more economical age. I still have a soft area for Chipped Beef on Toast! The number of these recognize to you, and do you have any others to contribute to the list?

.Milk toast.Broken beef on toast.Cucumber and mustard sandwiches.Mayo sandwiches.Catsup sandwiches.Hot milk and rice.Turtle/tortoise.Gopher.Potato soup –– water base, not milk. Dandelion salad.Lard sandwiches.Bacon grease sandwiches.Sugar sandwiches.Baked beans and hot pet dogs.Roadway kill.One eyed Sam –– piece of bread with a simple over egg in the. Oatmeal combined with lard. Fried potatoes and hotdogs.Onion sandwich –– pieces of onion in between bread.Tomato gravy and biscuits.Deep fried chicken skin.Cornbread in milk.Gravy and bread –– as a main course.Toast with mashed potatoes on the top with gravy.Creamed corn on toast.Corn mush with milk for breakfast, fried corn mush for supper.Squirrel. Rice in milk with some sugar.Beans.Fried potato peel sandwiches.Banana pieces with powdered sugar and milk.Boiled cabbage .Hamburger combined with oatmeal.American cheese sandwich: ‘‘ American ’ cheese was developed since it was inexpensive to make, and didn’’ t need refrigeration that lots of people who lived throughout this age didn’’ t have.Tomato gravy on rice. Toast with milk gravy.Water fried pancakes. Chicken feet in broth.Fried bologna. Warm canned tomatoes with bread.Butter and sugar sandwiches.Fried potato and bread cubes.Bean soup.Runny eggs with grits.Butter and grits with sugar and milk. Baked apples .Sliced up boiled pork liver on buttered toast (piece liver with potato peeler).Corn meal mush.Spaghetti with tomato juice and navy beans.Whatever fish or video game you might catch/hunt. Tomato sandwiches. Hard boiled eggs in white sauce over rice.Spam and noodles with cream of mushroom soup.Rag soup: spinach, broth and great deals of macaroni.Garbanzo beans fried in chicken fat or lard, salted, and consumed cold.Popcorn with milk and sugar –– consumed it like cereal.

Lessons gained from this list? Stock up on active ingredients for bread, consisting of containers of wheat . Bread, in some kind, is among the primary components for much of these meals. Second, understand how to alter kinds of bread. Next, have chickens around as a source for meat and eggs, and if possible, have a cow or goat for milk. Know how to make several foods from scratch.

Another lesson is to have a garden that will offer a minimum of some fresh fruit and vegetables, and plant fruit trees and bushes. You might have an interest in this short article with ideas for Planning an Edible Landscape. Finally, put on’’ t waste anything, even chicken feet!

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